Yoga Center of Columbia Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, & Meditation Class Descriptions

(FC = Free Class Available Sept. 30 - Oct. 6)


Yoga 1 (FC)
For new & continuing students: emphasizes opening and strengthening shoulders, back, and legs by focusing on standing poses.

Beginner’s Yoga
Same as Yoga 1; meant for those who are interested in starting yoga part-way through our progressive session.

Yoga 1 Plus FC
For those with yoga experience and a preference for the Yoga 1 pace; refining standing, seated, supine, and prone poses.

Yoga 1-2 FC
For those with consistent prior yoga experience; builds on Yoga 1 with emphasis on building endurance & strength; more seated poses.

Yoga 1-2 Plus
For those with consistent prior yoga experience; adds preps for inverted and revolved poses, as well as more seated poses.

Yoga 1-2 and Meditation FC
20 minute seated meditation practice plus 90 minutes of asana; for experienced yogis.

Yoga 2 FC
For experienced, strong, aware yogis who know how to modify poses as needed and want to build further endurance and strength. Preps and practice with inversions, backbends, revolved & seated poses.

Yoga 2 Plus FC
For experienced, strong, aware yogis who know how to modify poses as needed and want to build further endurance and strength. Preps and practice with inversions, backbends, revolved and seated poses. Additional refinements & challenges.

Yoga 2-3
Only for experienced, strong, aware yogis who know how to modify poses as needed and want to build further endurance and strength. Preps, practice, advanced poses, deeper backbends & arm balances.

Yoga Core FC
For experienced yogis who want to add an emphasis on core strength.

Yoga Core Plus FC
For experienced yogis only; builds strength & endurance, especially in the core.

Care Partner Yoga FC
Extra Gentle Yoga designed for caregivers and the person they assist. No experience needed. No Charge - Class is Free.

Yoga for a Healthy Back FC
For all levels; tailored for those who need special care and practice to support a healthy back and spine.

Mindfulness Meditation FC
For those new to meditation, learn seated and walking meditation and other mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into your daily life.

Yoga for Round Bodies FC
For all levels; a body-positive, non-judgmental environment tailored for the needs of curvier yogis.

Yoga for Healthy Bones & Joints FC
No experience necessary; safe and specific postures to build bone strength and increase joint range and flexibility.

Chair 1 FC
For those who prefer or require sitting on a chair, have joint or balance issues, or are recovering from surgery.

Chair 2 FC
Same as Chair 1 with the addition of some optional supported standing at the wall or using a chair for stability.

Extra Gentle Yoga FC
For all levels; meant for yogis with injuries and other health challenges; practice seated in a chair, optional standing poses, and supine poses. Slow, adaptive pace. Never on hands & knees, no prone poses.

Gentle Yoga FC
For new & continuing students, this is Yoga 1 at a slower pace with more modifications. Some hands & knees, as well as supine and prone poses. Less “up and down” than Yoga 1.

Gentle Yoga / Yoga 1 FC
For new & continuing students, this is a less vigorous approach to Yoga 1.


Pregnancy Yoga FC
Practice is tailored to the needs of pregnant women; safe throughout pregnancy as long as your medical professional agrees. No experience needed

Crawlers/Toddlers to 2+ & Me Yoga FC
Bonding & gross motor skill development via songs and movement. No experience needed.

Preschoolers 3-4 Years & Me Yoga FC
Children increase strength, coordination, and body awareness via playful yoga games and stories. No experience needed.

Children’s Yoga (ages 5-10 years) FC
Increases strength, flexibility, concentration, and balance in a child-friendly, playful environment. No experience needed.

Yoga for PreTeens & Teens FC
Geared toward Middle & High School students; builds strength, flexibility, body awareness; promotes self-respect, self-confidence, relaxation and stress management.

Yoga for Men FC
In and out in 60 minutes; no experience needed. Emphasis on strength and the special flexibility needs of men. Appropriate for all levels.

Yoga For Runners FC
Mini-session includes yoga poses to increase flexibility, stability & mobility, build core strength, ease tired muscles, and simply relax.

Community Yoga
A gentle class taught by recent graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training Program. No experience needed. $5 donation requested.

Accessible Yoga/Yoga for Amputees FC
Designed specifically for people living with limb loss or limb difference, recovering from limb injury or surgery, or anyone with limited movement. Yoga forms and actions will be modified to include those with and without prosthetics. Appropriate for all levels.

Yogalates (Yoga & Pilates) FC
Fuses Yoga and Pilates for strength, flexibility, and strength, with an emphasis on the core muscles. For all levels.

Pilates 1 FC
For beginners and continuing students, improves posture, increases core and functional strength to prevent injury.

Pilates 1 - 2
Builds on & refines the movements learned in Pilates 1. For experienced practitioners.

Pilates 2
Challenging mat work that incorporates exercises and principles from sports medicine to further increase strength. For experienced practitioners.

Pilates & Stretch 1 FC
Build flexibility and functional fitness via movement and stabilization exercises in a quick format. For all practitioners.

Pilates & Stretch 1 - 2
Deeper stretches and more challenging functional exercises to increase flexibility & strength in a quick format. For experienced practitioners.

Foam Roller FC
No experience necessary; improve stability, strength, and balance with a soft, therapeutic foam roller.

Qigong FC
Foundational system of gentle movements awakening, building, circulating Qi and cultivating internal transformation. Emphasis on body alignment, overall wellbeing and health.

Introduction To Women’s Qigong FC
Empowered self-care addressing issues unique to women using gentle movements coordinated with breath and mindful intent. Cultivates energy flow, improving health & wellbeing.

Women’s Qigong 2
For women who have completed “Intro to Women’s Qigong”. New material enhances the form while refining and deepening the practice.