Yoga Immersion

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Is This Immersion For Me?
The intention of this Immersion is to deepen a student’s knowledge and love of the ancient yet modern practice of yoga. Students of all levels are welcome and each student will acquire the tools to strengthen their own personal practice by expanding their knowledge and experience of the eight limbs of yoga. There is no instruction about teaching yoga in this program, only the luxury of time to explore the depth of yoga philosophy and practices.

You already know that yoga has profound potential to transform your life for the better. Perhaps you've had a glimpse of yoga's benefits, like a sense of contentment, stress reduction, or increased flexibility and balance in your body-mind.

The Immersion is designed to take your personal yoga practice to the next level and develop your understanding of the deeper concepts of yoga. Each month will be anchored around a chakra.

Grow Your Practice will serve those looking to explore and weave the transformative practices of yoga, meditation and ayurveda into daily life in order to fully experience those concepts on a personal level. Two levels of asana will be offered: Essentials for the newer student and Expanded for the more experienced practitioner.


Kelly Fisher, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, AYS, teaches a grounded style of yoga that is both challenging and calming at the same time. Her instruction is rooted in her many years of meditation practice and her study of aligned hatha yoga, tantric philosophy, and ayurveda. She emphasizes proper alignment so that her students can efficiently release tension while also building energy and strength. The human body contains an innate wisdom that we each have an ability to access if only we have the right tools to unlock it. Through practice of yoga asana and breath work, her students are gently guided to deeper and deeper places within their own hearts, bodies, and minds so that underlying knowledge can manifest in their daily lives. The subtlety of creative power is enchanting, and in Kelly's classes, thoughtful sequencing enables students to open to new poses as well as new levels of awareness within themselves. It is at once empowering and fun. This embodiment is a gift of the universe and in Kelly's classes, students have a safe space to celebrate that gift.


Debbie Martin, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, AYS, has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years and teaching yoga since 2006. Teaching alignment based hatha yoga, she uses the energetics of the postures to achieve a specific and balancing effect. By incorporating breath work, yoga philosophy, and chanting into her classes and providing hands-on assists (if welcomed), Debbie helps students develop and expand their asana practice. She offers plenty of adaptations and modifications, recognizing each student’s unique capabilities. Using explicitly clear and detailed alignment instructions, her classes focus on coordination of breath with movement and deepening of one’s body-mind awareness. Debbie provides students a supportive yet challenging practice within a caring and lighthearted atmosphere. Having personally benefitted from her dedicated practice, she is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga and ayurveda with others so they can improve the quality of their lives, reach their fullest potential, and experience greater joy and inner peace.

Our Yoga Immersion 2016 Graduates