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Pilates 1 (5-wk Mini-Session) with Karen Best

(Thursdays, October 10 - November 7) This 5-week mini-session is designed to:

  • Improve postural problems

  • Increase core strength

  • Prevent Injury

  • Create strong muscles

  • Refine coordination and balance through body awareness

  • Build functional strength and endurance

These classes cover the basic mat work series of this whole body workout system created by Joseph Pilates. For beginners, no Pilates experience necessary.

Missed Pilates classes can be made up in any other class on our regular or mini-session schedule as long as it’s during the same timeframe / session. This includes yoga, qigong and meditation. Visit for more Pilates information.

Free Class: Thurs., October 3; 5:15pm - 6:05pm

[Cost: $70] [Register Now] [Flier with registration links]