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Low Back Pain Certification Course With Scoliosis with Dr. Loren Fishman

(Sept. 6 - 8) Do you suffer from back pain, or work therapeutically with people who do? This course provides a theoretical and anatomical understanding of back pain, along with practical solutions for preventing, reducing and managing it with yoga. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Loren Fishman you will discover how certain symptoms can stem from a number of different causes — so treatment for back pain cannot be determined based on symptoms alone. Within the yoga world there is often a lack of knowledge of the causes and appropriate treatments. But here, you can expand your knowledge to ensure that you can support students — and yourself — safely and effectively.

Approved for 20 hours CE by IAYT.

This 3 day, 20-hour course will be held Friday, Sept. 6th 11am-7pm, Saturday, Sept. 7th 11:30am – 7:30pm and Sunday, Sept. 8th, 11am – 6pm. Each day will have a 1-hour break .

Required reading prior to workshop, Healing Yoga, by Dr. Loren Fishman - available for purchase at The Yoga Center.

[Cost: $950 (before 9/1); $1000 (after 9/1)] [Flier with registration links]