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Yoga Barre Fusion: A Barre Inspired Yoga Workshop with Jen Randle & Colleen Palmateer

Yoga Barre Fusion marries the precision and strength of a barre practice with the cardio-enhancing flow of yoga vinyasa. We’ll isolate specific muscle groups to perform high reps of tiny movements.

This is a dynamic, low impact class that’s good for your heart, bones, muscles, and nervous system. It packs just a little more punch than a classic yoga practice alone. The combination of strength training and cardio means that you’ll burn fat while you build long, lean muscles.

The benefits of this practice include improved posture, balance, muscle tone in arms, legs, and core, better endurance, and greater mobility. Like yoga, it’s also a great way to manage stress.

Pre-requisite: Students should have completed Yoga 1.

[Cost: $30] [Flier] [Register]