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Self-Care And Yoga: The Therapeutic Wisdom Of Yoga (Sessions 1 & 2) with Doug Keller

Session One: Sacroiliac, low back and neck health: working with the layers or ‘Koshas’ of feeling in the fascia of the spine — With implications and applications in the teaching of asana.

(12:30pm - 3:00pm) Looking at the sheaths of fascia and muscles nested within them that profoundly influence low back health. From this perspective we find a constellation of related pain issues that can be handled through simple yoga routines that recognize and respect our own individual structure and movement patterns; and in our practice we will emphasize actions that are important for overcoming and/or preventing such pain patterns.

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Session Two: The lower body: from the feet to the knees and hips.

(3:30pm - 6:00pm) We’ll expand into assessment principles for the knees and knee problems, awareness of the most common kinds of knee problems and injuries, and principles for safe and helpful practice in yoga poses that will improve the condition of not only the knees, but the feet and hips as well. This will also include introduction to self-care techniques relating the traditional marma system of Ayurveda with contemporary fascial understanding — which can be incorporated simply into practice, especially for people experiencing joint issues, neuropathy (numbness) and other common problems — for the knees, as well as for the hips and feet.

[Cost: $55] [Flier] [Register Online] [Registration Form]