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inamojo™ Children's Wellbeing (5-wk Mini-Session) with Aziza Doumani

(July 15 - August 12; Mondays & Wednesdays) inamojo™ is a holistic well-being program for children. It incorporates lessons and tools to help children build skills to navigate life’s challenges with deeper understanding and resilience.

The program comprises 9 lessons in sequence, each a carefully structured mix of stories, specifically composed music, guided movement, and art. Relaxation and emotional self-management techniques such as belly breathing and meditation are included.

The stories teach life-lessons in ways children can understand and find engaging. They “feel” their way through each story by embodying the characters through music and movement, and express their feelings during magic circle art time. Each class introduces a different theme and learning experience, while following the same stable format each time.

This series is woven around the story of Naga the Friendly Dragon, who has forgotten who he is. Class by class the children help Naga remember, while gaining insight about themselves along the way.

inamojo unites the chakra system with Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). These foundations drive the key developmental themes of each class. inamojo supports all learning styles.

For Children 5 - 8 years

Free Class: Monday, July 8; 1:30pm - 2:30pm

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