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Exploring The Koshas - The Five Sheaths Of The Soul with Moses Brown

The Sanskrit word Kosha can be translated as a sheath, a layer or body. The Vedic concept known as The Koshas is a way of understanding the layering of our consciousness from the most obvious and manifest state to the least visible and universal state, we are composed of each of these layers. The Five Koshas are Physical, Energetic, Mental, Wisdom and Spirit.

The Koshas are interwoven together like a tapestry. Each one feeds and informs the other. We all feel this interconnection at times. Sometimes we feed ourselves well and sometimes what we are being fed is not so fulfilling. When we feel great joy and inspiration inside it easily flows forth from us physically and when we feel great discomfort physically it can leave us feeling dispirited. All of us have experienced many of the layers in between as when we are struggling with some emotional stress or when we become aware of a deep wisdom or insight.

Exploring The Koshas will bring greater understanding of all the dimensions of ourselves beyond just the physically obvious. Yoga itself evolved to deal with all these dimensions of ourselves and our very human experiences.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga practice. This class is unique and can be taken together with the Saturday 13 July class or as a single class.

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