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Yoga & Meditation For Stress, Trauma And Related Conditions with Robin Carnes

Doctors estimate that approximately 80% of all illness is stress-related. Millions suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, digestive problems-- just some of the symptoms of stress and trauma.

This workshop will present a basic understanding of the human nervous system and an overview of how yogic practices impact the nervous system.

A set of simple, easy-to-learn techniques for self-regulation will be presented and demonstrated. As a yoga teacher you can use this knowledge as a foundation for assessing your students' health and allow you to offer them appropriate, safe, and effective self-care skills to mitigate their stress symptoms and increase their resiliency. As a therapist/healthcare professional, you can use the skills and information in this workshop to integrate simple mind-body tools into your work with patients.

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