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Yoga For Your Head, Neck & Shoulders with Lucy Lomax

Do you have chronic tightness or pain in your shoulders, neck, upper, middle, or lower back? Do you have headaches, or find yourself clenching your jaw? And do you also spend hours at the computer, or texting, or video-gaming? Sitting and reading, or watching TV? Driving, gardening, or carrying a heavy purse or backpack?

If so, you may have a common misalignment of “sticking your neck out,” where the head sits forward of, rather than atop, the shoulders. And every inch that the head is forward of where it’s intended puts about 10 additional pounds of pressure on your spine. No wonder you’re feeling pain!

In this workshop, we will explore ways to relax tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, and increase range of motion in tight areas. We will also learn ways to support the body while integrating optimal postural support for the head, neck, and shoulders. Includes a handout of poses and approaches covered.

This training counts as 2.5 CEUs with Yoga Alliance. Appropriate for yoga students of all levels.

[Cost: $35 ($40 at the workshop)] [Flier] [Register]