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Yoga & Massage For Pregnancy & Birth with Darlene Bergener

While pregnancy is often filled with excitement and happiness, it can also bring physical discomforts and anxiety about your upcoming labor and delivery.

Be inspired and empowered as you and your partner learn practical techniques for navigating your amazing, yet sometimes challenging, journey to motherhood!

This hands-on workshop teaches various comfort measures typically not covered in hospital classes. You will also practice modifying the techniques as your labor progresses for maximum benefit. Natural, medicated, and C-section deliveries will be discussed and you will receive a complete packet of all the information including positioning options for labor and birth.

You will learn:

  • Yoga postures to help alleviate common discomforts like back and hip pain, leg cramps, and sciatica

  • Breath practices and relaxation techniques to be used during pregnancy, labor, and life as a mom

  • Massage techniques to aid in pain relief through pregnancy and all stages of labor and delivery

  • Ways to increase confidence in mom and partner as your due date approaches

  • Tips from the experts on improving your birth

  • Exercises to help with postpartum recovery

  • Practical suggestions for successful breastfeeding

[Cost: $100 per couple] [Register Now]  [Flier with registration links]