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Release & Renew With Yin Yoga & Reiki with Linda Stevens & Maureen Fama

Learn the benefits of complementing your asana practice with a yin yoga session. Curious about Reiki's healing touch? Join Maureen and Linda for a discussion of Yin and Reiki and then experience a yin yoga session while receiving Reiki's healing touch.

Yin Yoga is a simple practice, but not necessarily easy. It targets the deep connective tissues: ligaments, joints, bones and the fascia network of the body, and not the muscles. This is done by coming to a comfortable edge in a posture, settling into stillness and maintaining the posture for a length of time. Your body and your mind come into a state of calmness.

Reiki is a type of energy healing based on the idea that there is an energy that supports the body’s natural healing abilities. In a Reiki treatment, a practitioner places hands on a person, with the goal of facilitating this natural process.

Reiki is a complementary health approach and has been known to promote relaxation, enhance medical treatment, reduce side effects of medication, shorten healing time, reduce pain and stress, and create a feeling of wellbeing.

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