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Introduction To Yoga For Amputees with Lucy Lomax

For Amputees, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Practitioners, and Professionals Working with Amputees

In this 3-hour workshop, learn:

Observation skills for range of motion;
How to safely adapt poses for above-knee, below-knee, and upper- extremity amputees by applying the Yoga for Amputees protocol to example poses from the following categories:

  • Standing

  • Seated

  • Forward bending

  • Backbending

  • Supine

  • Prone

Basic physical, psychological, and emotional effects of amputation, as well as the five stages of grief as they apply to this type of loss;
Yoga’s efficacy in addressing these effects;
Meditative exercises to support amputees’ physical and mental healing

[Cost: $45] [Flier] [Register]