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Mindful Eating (7-wk Workshop Series) with Karla Kettler

Saturdays, April 13 - May 25

This seven week workshop series is designed to help you develop a better relationship with food. Living in our fast paced and stressful world, we often eat when we are not hungry, when we are stressed or emotional, and we frequently never really taste our food. You will learn how to sensitively listen to your body’s hungers, how to handle emotional and stress eating, and how to fully and joyfully experience your food when you eat.

Each of the 7, 2 hour classes will consist of learning new material, yoga or other movement practice, meditation, mindful eating exercises, and discussion. You will receive a binder with class notes and homework practices as well as access (digital or CD form) to guided practices you can do at home. The more you practice and participate, the more you will benefit from the workshops.

Free Class:  Saturday, April 6;  11:30am - 12:30pm

[Cost: $210]  [Flier]  [Register]