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Yoga For Hips, Hamstrings & Lower Back with Lucy Lomax

Modern society sits most of the day – we work, go to school, drive, sit at our computer, or watch TV. And we do these things most of our waking hours. Consequently, that continually contracted, forward bending action causes our hips to get tight, and our lower back and upper legs to lose their muscular support. And then we have pain or stiffness.

The more we do this, the more the chain of tight/weak action is reinforced – it’s like living in a continual semi-forward fold — yikes!

Though we may do some yoga or exercise each week, until we can understand the dynamics causing the issues and open up the tight places, we’ll continue reinforcing our current patterns in all we do.

This workshop will examine some of the where’s and why’s we are more contracted, and work to open up, lengthen and ultimately strengthen those often chronically tight and weak areas that eventually lead to hip, back, and leg pain.

Appropriate for yoga students of all levels.

[Cost: $35 ($40 at the workshop)] [Register Now] [Flier with registration links]