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Functional Fitness On The Foam Roller; Stability, Mobility & Release (6-wk Mini-Session) with Jen Randle

(Mondays, January 14 - February 18)

In this mind/body class, utilize the breath to improve stability, strength, and balance with the assistance of soft, therapeutic-grade foam rollers.

The use of foam rollers provides the body with helpful feedback which works to improve the efficiency of our movement. This series will emphasize building core strength through stabilization of deep core muscles. Gentle yoga and Pilates inspired movements, with the assistance of the roller, will work to improve the body’s response to dynamic surfaces such as moving cars, skis, and bicycles. We’ll also gently create more mobility and flexibility in the shoulders, hips and spine. Each class will also include myofascial release, stretching, and a relaxation component.

No experience necessary. Foam rollers will be provided.

Free Class: Monday, Jan. 7; 12:45pm - 1:35pm

[Cost: $84] [Flier] [Register]