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Advanced Yoga Skills Training (Part 1) with Lucy Lomax & Kelly Fisher

Part 1: Observation and Assessment. (First of 4 weekends of continuing education for yoga teachers and yoga therapists)

In these 4 weekends we’ll be guiding you in honing yoga teaching skills, especially as related to improving observing and assessing student issues or needs.

There are generally two basic approaches when offering yoga instruction: the “bird’s-eye” or global perspective, and the more specific individualized student observation.

  • How do you assess basic student needs in a class?
  • What tools do you use in making such assessments? How do you decide which issue should be addressed first?
  • How do you develop sequencing to address the issue and help the students?
  • How differently would you assess and address individual student issues?

To assist in sharpening your analytical skills we will be working with a variety of tools including case studies, live assessments, effective sequencing, and practice teaching. All 4 weekends taken together will provide a unique approach to observing, assessing, addressing student needs, and following up; however, each weekend will stand on its own as far as increasing your yoga teaching skills and knowledge base.

Part 1. Sept 29-30: Observation and Assessment
Part 2. Oct 13-14: After the Assessment: Findings and Goals
Part 3. Nov. 10-11: Choices: Which Approaches and Why
Part 4. Dec. 8-9: What Worked and Why. Evaluation, Follow-up, Next Steps

[Cost: $155 ($550 for series)] [Time: 1 - 5PM each day]  [Flier]  [Register]