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Free Your Fascia: Arms, Shoulders, Neck with Kelly Fisher

Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck? Do you suffer aches and pains in your upper body like frozen shoulder, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel strain?

Often we blame tight muscles, but there is more to it than that. Fascia is the soft connective tissue in the body; it is what gives your body three-dimensional shape and what holds your body together. The connective tissue weaves like threads in fabric within our muscles and around our bones to help us to be strong, steady, flexible, sensitive human beings. Most nerve endings occur in the fascia, so attending to fascial health supports the healthy functioning of your nervous system and your immune system.

In this workshop, we will incorporate a combination of yoga asana, adaptations of asana, and therapeutic movements and stretches to support the good health of your fascia. This therapeutic yoga asana class is excellent for those with aches or pains in the upper body, for those who sit in front of a computer continually, and for busy life-livers.

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