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Radiant Peace Yoga Nidra Circle with Melissa Lindon

Imagine experiencing deep relaxation, peace, and a natural connection to your innate wisdom through the effortless practice of yogic sleep. In the Radiant Peace Yoga Nidra Circle you will…

  • Melt stress and tension in your body and mind with simple warm-ups
  • Enjoy a deeply restful practice that assists you in fulfilling your heart’s desires
  • Connect with others through sharing and support for your journey
  • Emerge feeling rejuvenated and balanced from your sweet repose

Newcomers and experienced students welcome.

[Cost: $29 in advance / $39 at the door]  [Flier]  [Register]

[Cost: $108]  [All 4 Radiant Peace Circle Workshops with Melissa (10/7, 11/4, 12/9 & 1/6)]  [Register]