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Therapeutic Wisdom in Contemporary Yoga: The Evolution of the Journey of Embodied Spirit (Day 3) with Doug Keller

Day 3:  Sunday, Apr. 15: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Part I: Therapeutic Wisdom: Pranayama - Overcoming Breathing Pattern Disorders as a Path to Health, Emotional Clearing and Meditation. We’ll explore and practice fundamental forms of pranayama crucial to health and meditation, and take time to examine and work with the specifics of each practice. This will include appreciation of their role in relationship to undoing Breathing Pattern Disorders and the health problems they bring.

Part 2: Philosophy: The Fundamental (and Previously Unappreciated) Role of Yoga Nidra as the Necessary Balance to Asana, and Complement to Meditation. The two most fundamental patterns in our lives for maintaining our health are our breathing patterns and our sleep patterns. And these are the two patterns that are the most disordered and dysfunctional in our lives. Starting from an exploration of the benefits and function of sleep and the relationship of healthy breathing patterns to sleep, we will explore the approach to yoga nidra as essential to the deeper aspects of yoga practice, including meditation. Our approach will link the processes associated with Kundalini and the essential processes that take place in deep relaxation, especially when facilitated by focused practice.

In this training we will address fundamental aspects of our physical practice in a way that is immediately useful to teachers as well as extraordinarily helpful for interested or advancing students; and we will tie this to the evolving spiritual philosophy of yoga.

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