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Therapeutic Wisdom in Contemporary Yoga: The Evolution of the Journey of Embodied Spirit (Day 1) with Doug Keller

Day 1:  Friday, Apr. 13: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Part I: Wisdom: Sacral Stability - Low Back, Pelvic and Hip Pain Understanding the movement, function and stability of the sacrum, with both remedial exercises and fundamental actions to practice in yoga asanas.

Part 2: Philosophy: Introduction to the ‘Yoga Body' of the Hatha Yoga and Emerging Tantric Tradition. We will cover the fundamental ideas as metaphors for exploring our experience and coming to acceptance, affirmation and inclusion of the body - and will relate this to their influence upon the emergence of hatha yoga as a popular physical practice from the early 20th century onward.

In this training we will address fundamental aspects of our physical practice in a way that is immediately useful to teachers as well as extraordinarily helpful for interested or advancing students; and we will tie this to the evolving spiritual philosophy of yoga.

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