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The Dance of the Opposites with Maria Hamburger & Rick Fiori

Sorry - Full!  The practice of yoga helps us appreciate the value of opposites as they compliment each other in offering us a full dimension of life. Life is not the pursuit of happiness, but the expression of happiness.

The play of opposites is an expression of the dynamic rhythm of what we call spanda, the pulsation of contraction and expansion, the yin and yang that expresses itself as the full experience of life.

In this mini retreat join Maria and Rick as we tap into these pulsating energies and explore the play of these opposite energies: expansion and contraction in both in asana and breath work. This pulsating rhythm helps release locked or stagnated energies that keep our bodies and our minds from embracing and seeing the full picture of life. In the inherent nature of the opposites we learn to not only find peace in the moment but also experience happiness and joy at the core of everything. Come away feeling more at peace with your present circumstances, knowing that the practice of yoga brings us home to our bodies and opens our ability to embrace life as part of the constant dance of the opposites.

(Workshop will be held at Blueberry Gardens, Ashton, Md.  Proceeds will benefit the Retreat Center of Maryland)

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