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LifeForce Yoga® To Manage Your Mood with Olga Campora

When you practice yoga, you don’t normally think about your emotions. But what if you tried to figure out how you were feeling beforehand and molded your practice to manage your mood? What if you created a practice that would make you feel more energized when you were down, depressed, or would make you feel more focused when you were distracted? That’s just what you can learn in this workshop. Learn to manage your mood through yoga. Relieve some of the debilitating symptoms, like body pain, fatigue and insomnia. Learn tips to change brain chemistry to improve your mood. Practice and understand easy yoga poses that you can do at home. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Centering Meditation for Self- Acceptance
  • "Beat the Blues" Yoga Postures
  • Increase Your Will Power Through Breathing Exercises
  • Learn Deep Relaxation To Refresh Depleted Reserves Of Energy

The Yoga To Manage Your Mood workshop is based on LifeForce Yoga® which interweaves the power of an ancient discipline with current scientific findings to help release what’s no longer serving us. It uses strategies to manage mood by employing pranayama (breath control), images and sound.

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