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Empower Your Intentions For The New Year with Melissa Lindon

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made that you broke within a few weeks?

In Yoga, a “sankalpa” is a determination, an intention that reflects your highest aspirations. An inspired sankalpa is different than your average New Year’s resolution – it is a vow of heartfelt desire and willful determination.

Yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”) in itself is a delicious, relaxing treat (one hour of this powerful meditative practice is worth four hours of sleep!). It is an effortless practice that supports the body's ability to heal and recharge at a deep level. In a place between the waking and sleeping states, you can let go of tension on the physical, emotional and mental levels, and emerge feeling deeply rejuvenated.

When used in conjunction with yoga nidra, the power of a sankalpa is magnified because the seed of your intention is sowed deep in the subconscious. Yoga nidra practice uses the latent power of your mind to help align your thoughts, words and actions. With regular practice, internal resistance and doubt subside and your resolution empowers your thoughts, words and actions. You become unstoppable in manifesting what really matters in your life.

This New Year’s Day workshop is a unique opportunity to find clarity about what's most important for your life this year. Through a guided process of yoga nidra and self-reflection, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your heart's aspirations in the realms of purpose, prosperity, pleasure and freedom, and create a vision that calls you into action. All levels of experience are welcome.

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