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Svatantrya - Yoga and the Joyful Movement Into Freedom with Moses Brown

Yoga teaches that there is a graceful flow to living fully and freely. A joyful movement of life we can discern, influence and be inspired by. From time to time we have all recognized and connected to that flow. At other times life seems less grace filled as we get swept up in the quickening pace of life.

Yoga wisdom teaches us how the conditions for moving into and along with that freedom can be imprinted into the habitual patterns of our life, rather than continuing to preserve the tendencies we have that reinforce our sense of limitation.

Yoga practice helps us to carve out an anchor in the midst of the relentless flow of life. As we develop our practice of yoga, a reservoir of courage emerges out of which this wisdom flows naturally, easefully and joyfully. We begin to shift away from what seems to limit our possibilities and we are moved in the direction of a more expansive freedom.

Svatantrya is the joyful movement into the freedom we are willing to imagine for ourselves and each other.

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