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Beginners Pilates (4-wk) Mini-Session with Susan Kain

[Saturdays, August 26 - September 16, 2017]  This mini-session is designed for those who have never taken a Pilates class before or who have little experience and wish to learn the fundamentals of Pilates' mat based exercises. Who and what is Pilates? Ahead of his time in the early 1900's, Joseph Pilates drew upon multiple disciplines to develop his system of exercises called Contrology. Originally known only to dancers and athletes, Pilates is now mainstream and sought out by many.

Emphasis will be placed on your POWERHOUSE
• Your pelvic floor
• Your abdominal front wall
• Your back wall muscles
• Your respiratory diaphragm roof
All levels are welcome! Modifications will be provided for each exercise. What might you expect from this class?
• Increased flexibility
• Increased endurance
• More efficient movement
• Abdominal control
• Better posture

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