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The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga with Doug Keller

Sunday, June 11, Part 2:  4:00pm - 6:30pm  (Stabilizing: Helping Flexible Students Avoid Joint Pain and Injury)

A problem faced by advancing yoga students as well as people drawn to yoga who are more innately flexible is the problem of hypermobility - which leads to joint pain and (ultimately) joint deterioration and inflammation, as well as pain in the muscles and ligaments that are meant to stabilize the joints. We will explore this ‘Extension’ pattern of the lumbar spine and how to overcome it - returning to strengthening the ‘Core,’ especially in relation to the psoas and hip flexors, as well as proper actions of the hamstrings and gluteals to help us make progress in balancing a healthy range of movement balanced with joint stability in yoga practice that can make the practice more pain and injury-fee. The ideas presented in this session can be helpful to moderately flexible students, as well as providing helpful tips for teachers dealing with overly flexible students.

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