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Introduction to Energy Medicine Yoga with Jacqueline Fitch

Energy Medicine Yoga is a synthesis of yoga and Energy Medicine. It’s the marrying of two ancient traditions as an art of self-care to bring the body into harmonious balance. Lauren Walker, creator and author of Energy Medicine Yoga, created this system to maximize the benefits of our yoga practice by weaving in the methodology of Energy Medicine as taught by Donna Eden.

In this workshop, you will learn simple movements to empower your current practice that work with the nine energy systems of the body, mainly the meridians and chakras. When in balance, these energy systems help to keep us strong, vital, healthy and focused.

You will discover the magic and wonder of the human body and our ability to communicate with it. Through tapping, thumping and massage, we speak to the body in a language it understands, working specifically with the immune, endocrine and lymphatic systems. Using and focusing on the breath, we release stuck energy that can cause pain.

Most importantly, you will learn a three-minute easy routine to implement daily to wake-up your energy and get it moving in the right direction. A complete yoga practice will follow; moving through familiar, basic postures incorporating acupressure points and hand mudras to support the body’s pure desire for well-being and joy.

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