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Yoga + Art: Kali & Kintsugi with Kelly Fisher & Roselynn Vanderpool

Kintsugi is the Japanese art process of taking something broken and transforming it into a work of art. Broken things are restored with resin and gold paint so the imperfections are highlighted and honored. Kali is the goddess of destruction. Her energy breaks things down in order to give space to reorganize and create something new. She is Mother Earth and the broken thing is the seed full of potential.

In this workshop we will break things - ceramics and pottery - in a cathartic way and then reorganize them to create something new. This process can shift perspective in mind, body, and spirit. If something is on your mind that you want to release, bring it to this workshop!

We will begin with an all levels yoga class complete with Kali stories and then, we will destroy in order to create.

(For All Levels. All materials included except your ceramic piece).

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