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The Foam Roller: What And How with Susan Kain

Have you noticed people using foam rollers and wanted to know more? Has your physician or PT asked you to start using a foam roller?

Through our lifestyle, injuries or intense workouts, we may have exceeded our body's ability to recover. By using a foam roller or a ball and applying pressure to specific locations, circulation is stimulated, elasticity is restored & tension is eliminated.

Massage has long been used to reduce pain, relieve stress & promote health. This workshop will teach you 'poor man's massage' techniques combining pressure and movement to restore suppleness to muscles and fascial tissue.

Participants will practice self myofascial release (SMR) techniques using different rollers and balls at precise locations, leaving the workshop with a home program Please consult with your physician if you have fibromyalgia, osteoporosis or circulatory problems such as peripheral arterial disease before participating.

Foam rollers will be provided. If you already own a 36" foam roller and prefer to use it during the workshop, please feel free to bring along. Class size is limited to 15. No previous experience is necessary.

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