Teacher Feature - Tracy Devine

When I found the Yoga Center of Columbia in 2012, I was just beginning my climb out of a very difficult time in my life. I wanted nothing more than to have our home filled with children — and it wasn’t coming easily for us.

Realizing my then 2-year-old daughter wasn’t going to be young forever, and that another baby may never come; I gave up the career I worked so hard at, and I vowed to make my family’s health and happiness my number one priority. Yoga was at the center of those promises to myself.

For me, yoga at YCC was never really about the poses. It was (and still is) about the people. Seeking more than just a weekly class, I decided to register for the 200-hour yoga teacher training, in hopes of connecting back to my Self, and going deeper with my personal practice.

Just after committing to teacher training, my husband and I got the exciting news that our agreed upon LAST fertility treatment was a success, and that we were expecting a baby in June of the following year. When I shared the news with Kathy, I was prepared to step away from my commitment to teacher training. It was her encouragement that caused me to stay, and I’m so glad I did.

Training while I was pregnant with my son was an amazing experience. Through our group discussions, I found myself letting go of my old anxieties, and supported by the other women around me, I was able to “be here now,” celebrating the new life growing inside of me.

On my last class with them before his birth, the group laid their hands on me and chanted an “Om” I will never forget. I wept with happiness.

After completing my 200-hour training and an additional “Baby Om” teacher training, I began teaching “Baby & Me” classes at the studio. My son often joined me in those first few months, and it was magic to work and learn in a space where I could be student, teacher, and mother at the same time.

Eager to soak as much of it up as I could, I sought out additional Yoga Alliance certification as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) in 2014; and I began teaching pregnancy classes and “Yoga for Fertility” mini-sessions at the Yoga Center in 2015.

After all the years I spent wishing and hoping for my children, avoiding first birthday parties and christenings of my friends’ children — it was unbelievable to be hosting classes for these women — and actually feel at peace.

Teaching at the Yoga Center has been a true gift. The women I meet, varied in their backgrounds and experiences, all fit together like puzzle pieces when we practice together. I try and create a space where they can share their challenges and celebrate their victories- and feel supported just like I did with my teacher training classmates on the day of that magic “Om.”

We laugh, sometimes we cry, but at the center is always yoga.

I teach weekly “Baby & Me” and Pregnancy Yoga classes each session, and I offer “Yoga and Wellness for Fertility” mini-sessions in the Spring and Fall sessions each year. To learn more, please visit my website TracyDevineYoga.com, or “like” me on Facebook at: Facebook.com/conspiringinfavor.