Teacher Feature - Karen Best

Karen Best, an ACE certified instructor, was first exposed to Pilates in 1985 as a dance major at the Philadelphia University of the Arts. Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates during WW I.  It emphasizes control and form to strengthen and stretch key muscle groups.

Karen has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986 and continually deepens her Pilates, dance, pedagogy, injury prevention and sports conditioning knowledge through workshops, training and research.

She also publishes articles and provides fitness expertise under her cultural dance name Samira Shuruk (samirashuruk.com).

Karen is passionate about clearly presenting proper technique and combines that with humor and enthusiasm. Her dedication to health, fitness and wholistic well-being results in classes that are both physically and emotionally effective and rewarding.  Her classes all combine consistent exercises and technique with new movements, to keep your body working and your mind-body connection growing.  This year Karen celebrates teaching for 30 years.