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A Real Vacation.... Yoga Style! with Lucy Lomax, Kim Flyr, & Chris McCloskey

Have you ever said, “Now I need a vacation!” after finishing a family vacation?! Could you use a day of retreat, self-care, renewal, and fun? Take a day just for you! Grab a friend or come alone…. it is amazing what a one-day retreat can do to restore you.

This day long retreat comes as we hit the “dog days” of summer, when we are all looking for a way to refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits. Held at the beautiful and local Blueberry Gardens, we will enjoy air conditioned rooms for practice and time to walk the beautiful grounds. Come join us for an uplifting day of yoga (both active and restorative), meditation, reflection, and iRest yoga nidra. Whether you need more energy or more calm, come find the balance you are looking for with an uplifting community and beautiful setting. Leave refreshed and rejuvenated!

[Cost:  $60]  You are so worth it.  Plus all proceeds to benefit The Retreat Center of Maryland. (Go you!)  Blueberry Gardens, Ashton, MD.  Please bring your own lunch.

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