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Prison Yoga Project's Women Prisoners Scholarship Fund

For women behind bars, a yoga practice can be profoundly healing. With your help, we can go one step further: by sponsoring a yoga teacher training behind bars, we can empower incarcerated women to heal not only themselves, but others. 90% of incarcerated women will be released back into the community. Many will return to young families who need nurturing and a steady household income. Without therapeutic programming and skills training, these women lack real tools to find meaningful employment and build a better future.

A yoga teacher training provides women behind bars with an in-depth opportunity to experience selfhealing, and to develop personal responsibility. While earning a professional registration that is recognized nationwide, they can also regain a sense of their own abilities and worth. The training is also a sustainable, cost-effective way to enable women to give back in their communities and create a ripple effect of healing and empowerment.

Support us as Prison Yoga Project partners with the Yoga Center of Columbia to present its first in prison training at Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. From February through December 2016, incarcerated women will study to become registered as Yoga Alliance RYT 200 instructors—providing them with both practical skills to support their future, and a renewed sense of their abilities and worth.

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