Our Fall Classes in Columbia, MD


Our  Fall Schedule begins September 30 for both free classes and for our 12-Week session of regularly scheduled classes.  For your convenience, we have arranged an additional class session for fall - a 11-Week session beginning October 7.  If your time is limited, remember that all classes are pro-rated and drop-in's and partial sessions are welcomed!  All of this is detailed in our newsletter and on our website. Signup is easy via phone, mail, email, or online, and our staff and introductory classes will make you feel at home!  We invite you to explore our website and be sure to download our Fall Newsletter!

What We Offer


CLASSES:  Our classes are the core of each session, and there are more than 100 of them, offered seven days a week!  They cover yoga, Pilates, meditation, and Qigong, all experience levels, and everyone from infants through seniors!  We offer multiple sessions of the most popular classes so there's always something that should fit your schedule.

MINI-SESSIONS:  We also offer "short classes" which we call "mini-sessions."  These are much like classes but last three to ten weeks and address special topics or those often requested by our students.  They augment the classes and also provide an outlet for those whose schedules may not permit a full class session. 

WORKSHOPS:  In addition, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of workshops, which address highly focused topics of interest, lasting from a few hours to a complete weekend.  In addition to our own senior staff, many of these workshops are presented by master teachers and nationally known instructors! 

More To Explore


There is much, much more to the Yoga Center and we hope you'll enjoy discovering more of what we offer.  There is always something to excite your imagination or stretch your horizons, whether it's becoming a certified teacher through the Yoga Center teacher training program, growing your practice with our Yoga Immersion, relaxing on a yoga vacation, or perhaps simply joining our community at the Yoga Center!

Policies & Fees


A full listing of our policies and fees for the Fall Session, as well as details on drop-in's, make-up's, and refunds are provided on the nearby links.  If you're new, all you need to know for now is that you can't do anything wrong when you come to yoga class!  Just be sure to tell your instructor if you have any existing medical conditions, try to avoid baggy pants or anything that would obscure alignment, and remember that bare feet are essential.