Class Descriptions


Yoga 1
Introduces new and continuing students to the fundamental principles of alignment and breath in the basic standing poses. Emphasis will be on opening and strengthening the shoulders, back and legs.

Yoga 1 Plus
For the student who has completed Yoga 1 or has prior Yoga experience, but prefers the pace of a Yoga 1 class. This class will explore, in greater depth, the standing poses and alignment principles. It’s more than Yoga 1 and less than Yoga 1-2.

Yoga 1-2
For continuing students who have completed Yoga 1 or who have prior Yoga experience. Emphasis will be on refining the basic standing poses while building endurance and strength and introducing Yoga 2 poses and variations.

Yoga 1-2 Plus
For students who have completed Yoga 1-2. This class will emphasize building endurance and introducing Yoga 2 poses. Preparations for inverted poses (headstand, plow, and shoulderstand) will be introduced. It's more than Yoga 1-2 and less than Yoga 2.

Yoga 1 - 2 and Meditation
Cultivate strength, stability and ease in a yoga practice that leads into introductory breathing practices and seated meditation.

Yoga 2
For students who have completed Yoga 1-2 or have prior Yoga experience. Emphasis on refining Yoga 2 poses and variations and introducing revolved and seated poses. Preparations for inversions may be presented.

Yoga 2 Plus
For students who have completed Yoga 2 and are ready to continue to build more strength, stamina, and flexibility by refining alignment and deepening Yoga 2 poses. Begins to explore more advanced postures including inversions and arm balances. It's more than Yoga 2 and less than Yoga 2-3.

Yoga 2-3
Level 2-3 is for intermediate students who have completed Yoga 2. It will focus on deepening the practice through further exploration of revolved standing poses, twists, inversions, backbends and arm balances.

Yoga Core
Abdominal strength improves nearly every pose, offering a sense of balance and ease in your body. Yoga Core will point you to the vital force that holds you steady in your poses, keeps you upright in your standing poses, lends vitality in backbends, and enables you to maintain balance. Core strength is what will help your practice soar! Pre-requisite: Completion of Yoga 1.

Yoga Core Plus
An intermediate class, Yoga Core Plus is for the student interested in advancing their practice by working on strength and endurance. A strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do. This practice will make you strong and empower your body, mind, and spirit!

Care Partner Yoga
Gentle seated yoga class specifically designed for “Care Partners” including both the caregiver and the person with dementia. Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress, move through gentle seated stretches and practice instructor guided meditation for an overall improved well-being. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Yoga Flow
Link breath and movements in flowing sequences set to music that will encourage you to move and have fun.  Alignment and body cues will help build strength and stability. Recommended: completion of yoga I.

Mindful Yoga
This class combines yoga postures with mindfulness techniques and meditation, allowing yoga to enhance the meditation experience. Good for all levels of yoga and meditation experience.

Yoga For A Healthy Back
For all levels, this class will use yoga poses and sequencing specifically tailored to anyone looking to focus on strengthening, supporting, and/or maintaining a healthy back and spine. Explore safe, adaptable, and effective yoga postures which include standing, seated, twists, backbends, and inversions, specifically designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and core stability.

Yoga for Stressful Times
All levels - Come end your day with great people and yoga tailored to calm your body and mind and lower the stress response. Nourish your body back to a healthier state and learn practices that you can take out into the world with you to live with greater ease and wellbeing. You’ll go home a happier person!

Yoga for Round Bodies
Every body can be a yoga body! We will practice guided meditation, breathing, and poses specially tailored to work with your beautiful curves in a body positive, non-judgmental environment. Absolute beginners and all levels welcome.

Yoga For Healthy Bones
Safely build and strengthen your bones no matter what your level of experience or physical limitations. Learn key yoga poses to maximize bone building & strength in your legs, spine, hips, arms, & wrists to improve posture, balance, co-ordination, & range of motion.

Chair Yoga
For anyone who has ever hesitated to try yoga because of the challenge of getting down onto the floor or doing standing poses. Just about any pose that can be done standing, sitting, or lying on a mat can be adapted to sitting on a chair. Everyone, beginner to advanced, is accommodated, as each pose will be presented in multiple levels of flexibility. The class will include breathing, meditation, stretching, strengthening and a lot of fun – all while sitting on a chair!

Advanced Chair Yoga
Advanced Chair Yoga is for those who prefer doing yoga while seated on a chair or while standing beside it and/or the wall for extra balance. You will do just about everything other people do in a mat class, except the mat will be brought up to you. This class is appropriate for those with special conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Cancer and Stroke recovery, or for those who simply haven't exercised in a long time. This class is great for seasoned Chair Yoga students looking for the next challenge.

Extra Gentle Yoga
Formerly known as Therapeutic Yoga, this class is appropriately paced for those students with injuries and other health challenges, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, and chronic lower back and neck issues. Practicing within the group setting and the framework of each student's abilities, we work to build strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to reduce or eliminate pain.

Gentle Yoga
This level 1 class specializes in using props to gently challenge the ability of students to their maximum potential. Gentle yoga provides a slower paced class, emphasizing yogic breathing and stress reduction. Poses are modified to enhance each student's experience of increasing body awareness, flexibility and strength. Suitable for students desiring a less vigorous class and for those with health challenges. Must be able to get up and down from the floor.



Gentle Yoga / Yoga 1
A less vigorous approach to Yoga I using warm-ups, preparatory poses, modified poses, and props to help students learn the primary Yoga I poses and yoga basics. Focuses on standing poses, shoulder openers, and yogic breathing. Appropriate for beginning and continuing students including those experiencing or recovering from illness or injury, and for pregnant women with some yoga experience.

Pregnancy Yoga
Prepare for childbirth and motherhood with gentle and safe yoga for moms-to-be. Come stretch, strengthen, relax and meet other moms! Classes will be tailored to your individual needs and stage of pregnancy. Moms with high-risk conditions should check with their doctors prior to joining. Safe for weeks 1 through 42. No prior yoga experience needed!

Baby & Me
(For infants 6 weeks until crawling) Utilizing connective exercises (including asana, infant massage, song and meditation) this playful class will provide you and your baby with an opportunity to build strength & increase flexibility in addition to nurturing intimacy in these important early developmental months. It addresses basic postpartum needs, such as restoring & strengthening abdominal & pelvic muscles, while promoting a much needed sense of calm.

Crawlers/Toddlers To 2+ and Me Yoga
Nurture the parent/child bond and assist in developing gross motor skills as crawling and walking babies to 2+  explore yoga through songs and movement.  We'll have fun as they playfully explore the world and interact with other children, their parents and caregivers.  Previous yoga experience is not needed. A brief relaxation segment concludes each class.  Older siblings are welcome, space permitting.

Preschoolers 3-4 yrs and Me Yoga
Share your child's yoga experience through thematic based play, games, stories, props, and music. They'll learn and have fun in a welcoming atmosphere while increasing strength, coordination and body awareness. Previous yoga experience is not needed. Younger siblings are welcome, space permitting.

Children's Yoga (Ages 5 - 10 years)
Yoga increases their strength, flexibility, concentration and balance. The classes will include warm-up postures, breathing exercises, balancing poses, standing poses and lots of games.

Yoga for Preteens/Teens
Geared toward High School & Middle School students, this yoga class is tremendously beneficial to the healthy development of teens. It builds strength and flexibility, aids relaxation and stress reduction, and increases body awareness, self respect and self confidence.

Yoga for Men
This is a yoga class for men focusing on strength, flexibility, and power. You will increase your strength and flexibility in this one-hour efficient class. What makes this class different than other yoga classes: only men •strength will be emphasized •flexibility in regards to men. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Yoga For Runners
This class utilizes various yoga poses and stretches designed to increase agility, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Weekly anatomical focus includes: hamstrings, calves, core and lower back. Great for athletes looking to incorporate stretching and strength into a running program. Suitable for all levels of yoga.

Community Yoga
This gentle yoga class will be taught by recent graduates of our Teacher Training program, and will include gentle breathing exercises and yoga postures. No pre- egistration is required. $5 donation requested.

Yogalates (Yoga & Pilates)
East meets West in this combination of both disciplines.  By fusing yoga with Pilates, participants will gain strength, flexibility and stability with extra attention given to the core muscles. No previous experience is needed.

Pilates 1
Improve postural problems, increase core strength, prevent injury, create strong muscles, refine coordination and balance through body awareness, while also building functional strength and endurance. Thoroughly covers the basic mat work series of this whole body workout system created by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates 1-2
This class builds on and refines the movements learned in Level I while improving alignment and adding in a greater variety of exercises. Students who have taken a beginner Level I Pilates class (at The Yoga Center or elsewhere) are welcome.

Pilates 2
This class provides challenging Pilates mat work series plus more thorough core exercises as well as resistance work with bands and light weights. We will incorporate exercises and principles from sports medicine to further develop back, hip and knee health and always end with a light stretch. Resistance will be used in every class.

Pilates & Stretch 1
Combining multiple traditions, this class will work your abs and back through movement and stabilization exercises for the ultimate in posture, powerhouse toning and core strength in a quick format. The majority of the class will be flexibility exercises for the whole body from various practices including focus on postural muscles, functional fitness, stress and pain relief.

Pilates & Stretch 1 - 2
This class further develops abdominal and back muscles in a quick and challenging format. The flexibility portion takes deeper stretches with static hold, active isolated stretching, PNF stretching and more to expand upon both active and passive range of motion, to support sports and an active lifestyle and to optimize motor performance.

Medical Longevity Qigong
Rooted in Chinese tradition, Qigong is a series of gentle movements synchronized with breathing and mindful intent which cultivates the flow of energy through the body. It is the foundation for Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine, supporting improved health and wellbeing.

Women's Qigong 1
A beautiful and graceful Chinese health exercise that opens the body's energy flow. This complete program of empowered self-care blends ancient Chinese & Tibetan techniques that address specific health issues unique to women, while honoring her feminine form.

Women's Qigong 2
For women who have completed Women's Qigong 1: we will enhance and heighten the form, in particular, by blending our individual voices during Tibetan Sound Healing. New material will be shared for deepening and refining energy.