Rx For Life: An Ayurveda Immersion

January 28 - June 18, 2017

This program is for anyone interested in learning more about the comprehensive practice of Ayurveda. Yoga students and teachers alike will benefit from the in-depth study of the doshas, prakriti, vikriti, dhatus, the six tastes, daily habits, and more. These six months are an opportunity to learn about yourself and your own patterns, and to align them more with nature’s rhythms. Rx For Life: An Ayurveda Immersion is an integrated curriculum that will result in you feeling more connected to yourself, others, and seasonal rhythms. 

Whether you are new to Ayurveda and want to learn the basics or you want to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and further develop your personal Ayurvedic lifestyle plan, this program has something specific for everyone. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and skill to create a specific dosha balancing yoga practice, use food and herbs with awareness, and create a basic lifestyle plan for yourself and for others based upon their needs and goals.

Ayurveda is a 5,000‐year‐old system of natural healing that has truly stood the test of time. The primary goal of Ayurveda is to help people live long, healthy and balanced lives. Ayurveda focuses on the whole person and takes into account your unique constitution, stage of life, diet and lifestyle habits, environmental factors and other personal attributes to help you achieve your optimum health. In this training, we will explore how diet, lifestyle and living in alignment with the cycles of nature lead to better physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual well‐being. In the final weekend of this training, you will develop a personal prescription for self‐care, incorporating the Ayurvedic practices that you learned to improve the overall quality of your life. 

Kelly Fisher, E-RYT500, has been interested in Ayurveda since she first began practicing yoga in the early 90s. She took a nine-month immersive course in Ayurvedic living with Cate Stillman in 2009 and has been incorporating Ayurvedic practices in her daily routine ever since. She will be a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute as of December 2016. She teaches yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation both publicly and privately in and around the Washington DC area. Her yoga classes are both calming and challenging with her instructions rooted in aligned hatha yoga and tantric philosophy.

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Debbie Martin, E-RYT500, received her Ayurveda Yoga Specialist certificate in 2013 and discovered how Ayurveda enables one to create balance of the body, mind and spirit according to one’s own individual constitution and how to make lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this balance. Having personally benefitted from living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, she continues to deepen her understanding of Ayurveda and provides her classes with practical ways to incorporate the ancient healing techniques and transformative wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga into everyday life. 

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