Teacher Feature - Anne Lamberty

I grew up doing backbends on the front lawn and the splits in the hallway so I was initially drawn to yoga since it seemed like an extension of my childhood. Turns out it is and so much more!

I remember my first class in 1998 that I took through Park and Recs. I was not able to balance in alternate arm/leg balance and was humbled when I looked around at the rest of the class steady and strong. What was I missing? Why couldn't I do what everyone else could easily do? I kept going and was excited about moving in ways I hadn't in a long time.

I was eager to learn more and that's when I found my way to The Yoga Center. I was drawn to the physical practice of Ashtanga and how the poses started to feel familiar in my body week after week. After pushing myself too far after a few years I switched to a flow class. It was in this class, after two years of working on Salamba Sirsasana (supported headstand) the instruction to be free from expectations along with the clarity of alignment cues, I found my legs just floating up. Two years and 20 seconds to headstand. I was excited! All the strength building, increased flexibility, and body awareness helped me into the pose. After my initial excitement it was the realization that it wasn't only the physical components that got me into the pose. When I got out of my way and approached my practice in the moment it led me to understand yoga as a place of discovery and not only a physical practice.

I am aways amazed at what I gain out of the physical practice, but no longer look for what is missing or comparing myself to others and just enjoy the sense of acceptance and the joy of what I can do.

The profound way yoga and meditation opened my heart and mind to seeing my connection with others and the shift in my perspective and perceptions was too big not to share. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2005 at the Yoga Center and am registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher, E-RYT200.

I am honored to teach at the Yoga Center where my discovery of self unfolded and my growth continues to unfold. I studied under the expert teachings of Sandra, Paul, Bob, Kathy and Cheryl and continue to be inspired by all my students and teachers such as Roger Cole, Doug Keller, Sianna Sherman and Jonny Kest.

I encourage a sense of play and self discovery, ultimately to find freedom, acceptance, and physical and mental strength both on and off the mat while having fun on the journey. It was the draw of the extension of my childhood that brought me to my mat, and also what keeps me coming to my mat and wanting to share.

I grew up in Columbia and attended Oakland Mills High School. It is a joy to be a part of the Columbia Yoga community and the joy of discovering connections I have with yogis here (parents of classmates, even my favorite middle school teacher!) I am a proud lululemon athletica Yoga Ambassador and wife and mother of two amazing girls.

Find me on Facebook, Anne Lamberty - Folded Crane Yoga, on LinkedIn or by email, yogaanne@me.com.