Sunday Satsang - The Koshas: 5 Layers of Being with Debbie Martin

Kosha means sheath or layer. According to yoga tradition, every one of us has five layers. These layers are real parts of your being that you can actually experience. Each one is made of increasingly finer aspects of energy.

The five layers are:
Annamaya kosha - physical body
Pranamaya kosha - energy body
Manomaya kosha - mental body
Vijnanamaya kosha - wisdom body
Anandamaya kosha - bliss body

The kosha model provides a roadmap for working with ourselves at every level through yoga. Asana helps us strengthen and tone the physical body, breathing exercises balance and vitalize our life force (prana), meditation practice quiets and clears our minds while self-study and selfless love open an inner world of knowledge and unity.

The tradition tells us all the layers need to be kept in good condition if we intend to live a fully balanced and healthy life. By getting to know your five bodies and the inner Self, you can experience the well-being and fulfillment of an enlightened life.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning the association or coming together (sanga) of those who seek truth and wisdom (sat) in order to support each other's spiritual quest.

During the Sunday afternoon Satsang, we will talk about how the koshas can help us live fully and gracefully at every level of our beings.

No yoga experience is required. This workshop does not include an asana practice.

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