Yoga For Parkinson's Disease with Cathy Rees

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. According to the Parkinson's Research Foundation (PRF), "Controlling your breath (Pranayama)... helps in moments of panic such as feet sticking to the floor when walking." The scientific literature supports yoga as a complementary therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

Practicing Yoga can help with:

  • Mobility to improve shuffling gait and overall stability
  • Balance to enhance confidence and reduce fear of falling
  • Strength and better postural stability
  • Flexibility and greater range of motion to reduce effects of rigidity
  • Mood and Sleep to promote a calm and relaxed state

Join Cathy Rees, to gain a greater understanding about how Yoga can benefit people living with Parkinson’s disease. Leave this workshop with an improved awareness about the disease process, the typical sequelae, and which yoga poses are most effective as a therapy and why particular yoga poses are selected. Whether you are dealing with the physical and emotional effects of Parkinson’s disease, or you are a yoga teacher working with students with Parkinson’s disease, this workshop will help you navigate through the challenges associated with the demands of PD.

This class includes lecture and discussion to help you understand Parkinson’s Disease as well as a gentle, therapeutic yoga class for those with Parkinson’s Disease. A copy of the class plan is included with the handouts.

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