The Kleshas: Obstacles To Happiness with Debbie Martin

Our inherent nature is one of peace, joy, and contentment. However when we start to misidentify with the transient parts of ourselves, such as our possessions, our bodies, or our thoughts, we lose touch with that peace and experience tension, frustration, anger, or other forms of “dis-ease.” The five obstacles are:
Avidya - Ignorance
Asmita - Ego
Raga - Attachment
Dvesha - Aversion
Abhinivesha - Fear

The source of unhappiness or suffering can be traced back to one or a combination of the kleshas. Klesha can be translated as obstacle or affliction. They are the driving force behind all of our thoughts and represent the five primary psychological states of misperception or misidentification that keep us from being happy. Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning the association or coming together (sanga) of those who seek truth and wisdom(sat) in order to support each other's spiritual quest. During the Sunday afternoon Satsang, we will talk about how we can recognize our own challenges as well as those of others by understanding the kelshas and learn to overcome the ways we make ourselves (and others) suffer needlessly.

No yoga experience is required. This workshop does not include any asana.

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