Discover Your Life's Purpose And Live Your Best Life with Debbie Martin, Jill Minneman, Geneva Moss

[October 8 - 9 and October 15 - 16] This workshop will help you choose a future where your best self is thriving. Discover the tools to let your highest purpose be the driving force of your life. Get clear about your unique purpose and what prevents you from achieving your goals. It’s not necessarily about your profession; it’s about WHAT YOU’RE MEANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD. It’s about having your life unfold the way you CHOOSE it to. What could be more important? Based on Rod Stryker’s life-changing book, The Four Desires, the four aims of life are: purpose, prosperity, pleasure and freedom. Achieving all four of these desires is the key to lasting happiness. This work is truly TRANSFORMATIVE. The guided step-by-step process will enable you to:

  • Identify your unique purpose in life
  • Uncover the unconscious patterns and habits that keep you from thriving
  • Set an inspiring goal based on what's important to you
  • Learn practices to stay on track

You can expect some lecture and discussion, gentle yoga, guided meditation, and journaling. We are committed to creating a safe and confidential space for this work. Make discovering and living your life's purpose your PRIORITY. No yoga experience is required.  Additional investment of $15 required for the Four Desires Workbook.

[Cost: $300 ($270 if register prior to 9/30)]   [Flier]   [Register]